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Beth Dranoff

"Betrayed by Blood is an impressive sequel that really wowed me ... Beth Dranoff is an author you won't want to miss if you're a fan of Urban Fantasy."

Lily Element Reviews

"(Mark of the Moon) is a strong debut, filled with potential. There are passages that approach the magical I-can’t-put-down level, and the setting, Toronto in the dead of late winter, rings true and is perfect for Beth Dranoff’s shifting themes of fire and ice, death and, er, undeath."

Anna Dowdall, Goodreads

"This (Betrayed by Blood) charming tale of vampires, demons, and multiple animal-shifters intersecting with characters of various sexual orientations, set in a harmonious local bar, reflects a powerful urban fantasy that rings true to life. Highly recommended."

Library Journal Reviews,

Henry Bankhead, San Rafael P.L., CA

"Mark of the Moon is a one-of-a-kind paranormal erotic story. The plot is original, and Dranoff introduces truly authentic creatures. The story is well developed, containing the perfect mix of suspense and action."

Romantic Times Reviews

Latoya Fife

"I have to say that the sex scenes were panty melting hot ... Beth Dranoff does a great job with her storytelling ... I look forward to reading more from her."

Alpha Book Club, MAustin

"(Mark of the Moon) knocked my socks off! I could not turn the virtual pages fast enough for my liking and yet was still completely sad when I reached the end and there was no more awesome book..."

Carrie, Goodreads 

"(Mark of the Moon) was a strikingly refreshing look at sex, romance, and the darkness within us -- both mental and physical -- as Dana navigates the dangerous underbelly of Toronto's supernatural communities. If all Vampire/Were-critter books looked like this (and burned off the page, like this), I'd be reading a hell of a lot more of them."

Stacey Filak, Goodreads

"Inspired and addictive. Bought (Mark of the Moon) on a whim and couldn't put it down. Highly recommend."





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