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Beth Dranoff is back with the second instalment of her Mark of the Moon series


Shapeshifting. Falling in love. Two things that aren't as easy as they look.  

There are definite perks to being a shifter. Sharp claws, soft fur, sexy creature-friends-with-benefits…but other things aren't so great. Like, say, being dragged into an apocalyptic war between the species, waged by a she-demon who wants to end the world. 

Meanwhile, things are getting hot and heavy between me and Sam Harding, lieutenant in the local shifter pack. Sam is definitely the commitment type—if only I could be sure that I am, too. I don't want to lose him, but am I ready for forever? 

Yeah, when this is over, I will absolutely get my life—love and otherwise—together. That is, if I manage to live through this mess. 


Betrayed by Blood

by Beth Dranoff

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