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about me

I tend to follow my interests, which means I've done a lot of different things so far.

Most of the paying stuff has had something to do with writing, producing, creating, marketing or managing – and the majority of that has been for digital. So releasing my series Mark of the Moon (Carina Press) in e-format first didn't freak me out as much as it probably should have.

​I'm missing the domestic goddess gene, although I do enjoy cooking. (Occasionally. Don't get your hopes up.) As long as I have somewhere comfortable to sit, a place to put my coffee and enough storage for all my books, I'm good. I don't keep plants or fish (although my husband does); I have a huge weakness for furry creatures on four legs (at one point we had a dog, six cats plus a rescue bird). 

When I’m not messing with words, I’m a fan of the Netflix binge – especially if there’s a strong female lead and/or a campy sense of humour. Is it weird and can make me laugh? I’m so there. Is it Scandinavian, British, Asian or Canadian? Something to do with politics, journalism, mystery, cop drama or genre fantasy? Yeah, I’ll probably go there too. 

Music – huge collection, eclectic tastes. At some point I’ll add playlists to this site.

​I don't believe in "random acts of kindness" – if you're going to do something good, just do it and don't go looking for brownie points. I do believe in gratitude, and in being decent to each other. Because really that's the point.

I live somewhere in the vicinity of the Greater Toronto Area, Canada with my family, my dog, and more books than I can count. Is it before noon? Then there’s probably a mug of coffee nearby too.

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